When? Friday 8th June 7pm – Saturday 9th June 2018 7pm

Where? Leuven (AE Offices)



  • Data Science Track: let’s solve a few concrete challenges with available data, to make Leuven a better and a smarter city!

    • Air Quality in Leuven: we can use the data of the LeuvenAir (fine dust: PM10 en PM2.5 – mainly fire, smog), and maybe the Option project and visualise these. CurieuzeNeuzen (NO2 – mainly traffic)  data will be for later this year.
    • Parking in Leuven: we can improve on the CirculAid project (LCIE PiP City of Leuven with KULeuven students) to show real-time parking data (Smart Flanders data) and hopefully improve the city’s ZoNaarLeuven campaign.
    • Green / hot zones in Leuven: we can use the Leuven GIS data to show where the green areas in Leuven are and combine these with the air quality data; as well as compare where the green areas in Leuven are with how the Leuvenaar feels about the green in the city and his of her neighbourhood.
    • Demographics & Neighbourhoods
    • More ideas welcome 🙂
  • Ideation Track: based on an overview of the focus domains* for Leuven Smart City on one hand, and the available (open) data for the City of Leuven – Flanders – Belgium – Europe on the other hand, let’s look at what challenges could / should be solved next, what existing data sources we can think of and what extra data is needed to solve those, what applications the City needs, …
    • Leuven climate neutral with Leuven2030
    • Leuven tourism with Visit
  • Boring Track: let’s build an open data platform!

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Practical details:

  • Friday 19h-23h: introduction of use cases and datasets & let’s get to know each other over a drink and form teams (only if you want)!
  • no sleeping over
  • Saturday 9h-17h: hacking it 🙂 breakfast at 9am and lunch at 12.30pm!
  • Saturday 17h-18h30: presentation of what the teams achieved & reception
  • food and drinks will be taken care of (AE is sponsoring food & drinks)!


*Focus domains for the City of Leuven are:

  1. Optimising Flows (mobility & energy flows; information flows; circular economy)
  2. Smart Services
  3. Smart Health(&Care)
  4. Experience (for both citizens & visitors/tourists)
  5. Talent